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Terra Madre Armenia

The first national meeting of Terra Madre communities in Armenia was held on August 6, 2011, at the Yerevan Agriculture University. Organized by the country’s first convivium, Slow Food Ararat, the meeting brought together food community representatives, Slow Food members, young students and Armenian and Italian scientists for a total of around 60 delegates. They were joined by representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Terra Madre Armenia was also an opportunity to bring together all the producers from the Motal Presidium. They have been working for the last six years to keep alive an ancient cheesemaking tradition. Fresh cheese is brined and then aged in terracotta jars to make Motal, a typical product that has been almost completely forgotten. It takes time and care to make the cheese—the jars must be checked almost every day—and few producers still bother to make it.
The cheese must be produced in very hygienic conditions. The Terra Madre Armenia program included a seminar on farming and food safety relating to cheese production, with the participation of Italian veterinarian Emma Della Torre. Delegates were also able to take part in debates on ways of evaluating local products and the development of sustainable tourism.

Terra Madre Armenia represented the final stage of a project for young people organized by the Ararat Convivium. The project, called “Discovering Lost Traditions” involved a summer camp for ten students interested in protecting local products. A sensory education workshop, “To the Origins of Taste” was held for the young people and the event’s other participants, and there was also a tasting of the food communities’ products.

Terra Madre Armenia has been made possible thanks to the assistance of the Italian expedition along the Silk Road, “Marco Polo 2011.”

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