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One year after Katrina: Approaching Terra Madre
The President of the United States has admitted that federal, state and local authorities were unprepared for a disaster of such extraordinary proportions, but has stated that in the past year, important steps have been made in reconstructing damaged areas. According to the Slow Food New Orleans convivium leader, however, restoration is extremely slow and tedious; it is still difficult to imagine the situation returning to normal in the near future.
The Terra Madre Foundation continues to keep the victims of Katrina foremost in their thoughts.

12 fishermen, farmers and restaurateurs from Louisiana have benefited from a special fund started by Slow Food USA and inspired by the values and solidarity of the Terra Madre network. Thanks to the Terra Madre Relief Fund, the producers were able to restart their activities, contributing to the restoration and protection of the local agricultural system.
Six beneficiaries of the Terra Madre Relief Fund will be traveling to Turin to participate in Terra Madre. It will be a unique occasion not only to reflect upon the past events with 5,000 delegates from all over the world, but also to look towards the future, examining different strategies for confronting climactic changes.

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