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Living Food Communities

The first short film shot in Africa for 4Cities4Dev was presented at Euro Gusto…

The first Living Food Communities documentary, a series of short videos being produced by Slow Food as part of the 4Cities4Dev project, premiered at Euro Gusto this month. Shot in Kenya, the 23-minute production looks at the Pokot Ash Yogurt Presidium, featuring beautiful landscapes and memorable characters as it tells the story of this unique product and how it became key to the community’s identity.

The highland farmers talk about their traditions and livestock, their most valuable asset, with great passion and a comparison with the desperation of the city is striking. This juxtaposition restore a sense of worth to the rural subsistence economy, which in this case is able to effectively guarantee food security to the community and provides a concrete example of an integrated approach that puts food at the center of actions to protect biodiversity, community, culture and traditions.

The second film, shot in Ethiopia with the Harenna Forest Wild Coffee Presidium, is currently in production, and will be presented at Algusto in Bilbao this December 16-19. After the final two films are complete, the four shorts will be edited together into a feature-length documentary that will be presented at film festivals and will be available to the public.

The Living Food Communities films are directed by Francesco Amato and Stefano Scarafia and edited by Paolo Casalis for the Bodà production company.

Read more about the the 4cities4dev project here:

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